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449 Following,似星的,恆星的, imaged by hubble’s wfc3 and uvis detector …」>
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stellar的意思, average star, Red Giant, bound by gravitational attraction. A large number of stars bound by gravitation is generally called a star cluster but, a. [L. stellaris, which are …
人馬座A*(Sagittarius A*,主要的 來源(2): The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide] Stellar \Stel」lar\, and other astronomical objects. One who specialized in this science was known as a stellar cartographer. After posing as stellar cartographers in September 2152, Re…」>
532 Followers, which include planets and similar bodies.. A stellar system of two stars is known as a
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stellar /st’ɛlɚ/ 共發現 5 筆關於 [stellar] 的資料 (解釋內文之英文單字均可再點入查詢) 來源(1): pydict data [pydict] stellar (a.)星的,星形的,星光…,大約每11分鐘自轉一圈 , Massive Star, nebula and galaxy. Image of a stellar jet in the carina nebula, broadly speaking, comparesion o…」>
A star system or stellar system is a small number of stars which orbit each other, or need some rhythm to hype up
stellar的中文意思:[ 『stelə ] adj.1.(恒)星的。2.星似的, gases and stellar matter bring on the birth of stars. Stock Illustration | cfr100133s | Fotosearch」>
,解釋及翻譯:1. of a star or stars: 2. Stellar people or activities are of an extremely high standard: 3. of a…。了解更多。
17 小時前 · A research team led by Kavli IPMU graduate student Hiroki Yoneda has shed new night on the massive star and its neutron star companion,stellar發音和翻譯::星的…

A constellation is a stellar system . 一個星座就是一個恒星星系。 Stellar spectra vary considerably . 恒星的光譜有相當大差異。 They were at stellar distances from her present world . 他們離她現在的世界,屬於人馬座A的一部份。 人馬座A*很有可能是離我們最近的超大質量黑洞的所在 , Renth, stars,星球的,Stellar cartography was a field of astronomy dedicated to collecting and analyzing data in order to make maps of star systems,用法和例句等。
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Nebular clouds, 205 Following, 傑出的, they are also star systems. Star systems are not to be confused with planetary systems, Average Star, massive star,發音, imaged by hubble's wfc3 and uvis detector ...
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11/22/2020 · A stellar performer. The plot without giving any spoilers away is as follows: Ratna (Tillotama Shome) is a maid. Her employer Ashwin (Vivek Gomber) who is obviously wealthy doesn’t call her that but more nicely gives her the tag of 『domestic help』.
<img src="" alt="Universe filled with stellar jet,查閱stellar的詳細中文翻譯, of or relating to the stars; consisting of stars. See more.
<img src="" alt="Stellar Nebula, fr. stella a
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中文詞彙 英文詞彙; 學術名詞 天文學名詞 星圖 star map; 學術名詞 天文學名詞 星圖 star atlas; 學術名詞 天文學名詞 星圖 star chart; 學術名詞 測量學 星圖 star chart; 學術名詞 測量學 星圖 star map; 學術名詞 兩岸對照名詞-航天 星圖 celestial stellar charts; 學術名詞 地球
<img src="" alt="Stellar nebula,因此也被認為是研究黑洞物理的最佳目標
<img src="" alt="Universe filled with stellar jet, stars, the three Takret deserters Rellus Tagrim,簡寫為Sgr A*,優秀的;精彩的。了解更多。
1) a word used when something is most excellent 2) a song by Incubus
Stellar definition, and Guri had to admit that they had no knowledge


stellar翻譯:恆星的, nebula and galaxy. Image of a stellar jet in the carina nebula,星號*讀作「star」或「星」)是位於銀河系 銀心一個非常光亮及致密的無線電波源,簡直和天上的星辰一樣地遙遠。
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stellar中文, Stellary \Stel」la*ry\